Welcome, you guys! Basically, all you need to know about us, is we are dorks. We love being kids at heart and never taking life to seriously! Cassandra was born in Florida, and made her way to STG, UT around 2011. Ben's from Vegas, and also made his way to STG. We both were in the same place, during a pool party in 2012. Neither really noticing one another, but still in eachothers heads somewhere. It wasn't until later that year, we found each other again and went on our first date. It was basically love at first date. We were married a year late in July 2013! Now it's been almost 5 years, and shortly after our 5th year anniversary this year, we are welcoming baby farley #1 into the world! 

In our style of photography and videography, it's easily noticed how we love playful and sexy romantic moments! We love capturing the essence of our couples. In order to capture these beautiful and rad moments, not only do we learn about you guys, but we tell you guys all about us, and our crazy adventures! It creates a bond that becomes magic behind the camera.