CF Moody Film - Desktop Lightroom Preset

CF Moody Film - Desktop Lightroom Preset

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FOR DESKTOP LIGHTROOM. If you need help with getting it on your moblie lightroom, visit youtube to check out lots of videos people have on transferring it over. :)

These presets are easily tweak-able! Usually you'll just have to adjust the exposure, warmth, and contrast. Each preset creates soft, even-toned images, that I use on everything to make my work consistent. 

Description of each preset: 

CF Moody Film: This edit is soft, creative, and filled with so much warmth. It was created by wanting something different that didn’t fit the mold of other edits out there. I tend to shoot darker with this edit, to make sure all the details are in the shot.

Tag your photos using CF PRESETS with #CFPRESETS 

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