Devyn + Tyler - Utah summer wedding

Their love story

Tyler and I met in the 7th grade and we instantly became friends! Ever since 7th grade, our friendship and eventual relationship bloomed! Even though he asked me out in 9th grade...I had to sadly turn him down (due to girl code). We were always hanging out together with friends and were always involved in school together because he was an SBO then football player and I was a cheerleader. While I always had a crush on him, we were always just friends. Then eventually, the summer before our senior year, one night we were going to watch a firework show and there was some major flirtage. Then from all that flirtage, in the middle of the firework show, we had our first kiss! Then once we left I just put it in my mind as a one time kiss because he was such a ladies man, but then it just started to grow! He realized how amazing I was. haha, we dated off and on throughout our senior year, but ended the year strong as an official couple! We spent the summer doing as many things as we could, but then I had to send him off on his mission. 2 years later which consisted of emails, FaceTime, and handwritten letters, he came home! We hit it off and after 7 more months of him being home, we got engaged! Then 5 months later we got married! I’m so glad I got to grow up with Ty. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly...but there is still no one else I’d rather share my life with. We both love dogs, pizza, sports, and making each other laugh. I can’t wait to watch our relationship and family grow. I’m so glad I married my other half!!