Halli + Jeffery - French inspired backyard Utah wedding

Halli + Jeffery started as co-workers, thinking each other were cute, but not doing much about it. Then just before she was about to leave to NYC for college, they got to know each other, and had an instant chemistry. Halli moved to NYC, but it wasn’t long before she knew that it wasn’t the place for her. She moved back, and they started officially dating. Now 3.5 years later, they got married in this beautiful backyard.

When ben and I arrived to the venue, we were in awe of how beautiful and unique it was - were we still in utah? Or in a small town outside of paris? What shook me to my core, was that it was owned by the brides mother’s parents and they had been creating it for over 35 years! To have a love and passion to grow something and put so much effort and history into something goes in parallel with what we do every day for our couples. We create memories that literally will last lifetimes. Then to top it off, having Halli and Jeffery care so deeply for each other (watch the video for their vows!) speaks to our souls.


Photographer - Cassandra Farley Photography, @Cassandrafarleyphoto

Videographer - Farley Film (with Cassandra Farley Photography), @Farleyfilm


Cake - Baked by Rylie, @Bakedbyrylie

Catering - Penguin Brothers, @Penguinbrothers

Rings - Wilson diamonds, @wilsondiamonds

Venue Lighting - Lumen Lighting Utah, @Lumenlightingutah

Grooms suit - JcPenny’s

Venue - Private Lindon Residence

Flowers - Done by the family.