Jill and Caleb - Morning light bridals in the Mountains

Their story

“We were in the same preschool class, but neither of us remember it. We saw each other in junior high but got to know each other better in high school. Caleb played basketball and I cheered. We both were in other relationships through high school until the end of our senior year. We got to know each other a little bit in a body conditioning class and would talk about drama in our other relationships. We became good friends and would talk here and there when he was on his mission. When he came home we both were in other relationships again, but the timing worked out so that those relationships ended right around the same time. Caleb asked me to go boating with him. I was really surprised because we hadn’t talked in like 10 months, but I said what the heck and went anyway. We talked and talked the whole way there, and then we were out on the water wake skating together for like an hour straight. Something that immediately stood out to me, was how funny Caleb was, and how much fun we had together. I remember being oblivious to everything else when we were talking on the way there, and laughing out on the water wake skating. We continued to hang out almost everyday for weeks. We would go to the gym, boating, to the movies, to get boba tea, and our first “official date” to get sushi. But he still hadn’t kissed me yet and, the ‘window was closing’. I would come home afterward and tell my mom that there was no way I was going again because he hadn’t kissed me yet. But in mind, I knew I would still go because I felt something different with Caleb. (We were such good friends beforehand.. so that also played into it) He finally did and we continued to hang out and go on dates. I moved back to Provo and was hesitant about having a long distance relationship. After one date in Provo when I couldn’t stop talking about how much fun I had boating and wake skating (with Caleb... don’t worry I didn’t mention that) but that was when I realized that Caleb was the person I wanted to go on dates and spend my time with. Me and Caleb dated for that whole year (2 semesters) long distance and got engaged after that.”